Valeria OCEAN

Valeria Ocean Portre

“Valeria OCEAN is a contemporary marine artist.”

Valeria Ocean Tablo
Valeria Ocean Tablo


She is currently based in Antalya, Turkey.

She participated in many different exhibitions in Turkey and abroad. The most known are: Ankara Art fair 2023, “7th International art exhibition of Alanya“, Culture center of Alanya, 2022; “ArtContact” Art fair in Istanbul 2023,“Just summer on my mind” in Miami, the USA, April 2023.

She’s known for her water landscapes, inspired by power and impermanence of elements. With every brushstroke, every color, Valeria conveys powerful energy and a living soul in each of her works. Her art is not just paintings, it’s true creativity that brings a sense of joy and serenity to the world.

No matter where she lives and works, Valeria Ocean always finds inspiration in the beauty of the surrounding world, and this boundless inspiration helps her create amazing works of art that make viewers experience unforgettable emotions.
Her aim is to infuse the world with beauty and serenity through the symbolic representation of water, which is vital for life and has a therapeutic effect on our souls.

Valeria’s artworks are featured in private collections in the USA, UK, Spain, Turkey, Russia and Germany.


Her Bakıştan Karma Sergi 2023

Valeria Ocean Tablo
Valeria Ocean Tablo